Joe Reeder

2014 43rd Street
Lubbock, Texas 79412
(806) 392-8345


Firmware / Hardware Designer

Accomplished engineer offering a wealth of experience delivering highly reliable, hardware, firmware and control systems solutions. C, C++, C# and Assembly programming and debugging skills in several microcontroller/microprocessor environments.

Technical Skills


Microcontrollers: 68HC11, 8051, Arduino UNO (used in my tutorial noted below)

Modules: Z-World, PC/104

Languages: C, C++, C#, BASIC, HTML

Software: Metalink Emulator, Protel Easytrax, LabWindows/CVI

Compilers & Assemblers: Visual C++,C#, Archimedes C, Franklin C, Dynamic C, Asm51

Instruments: Oscilloscopes, DVMs, Logic Analyzers

Microprocessors: 8086, 6802, 6809

Systems: MS-DOS, Win95, NT, 2000


Work Experience


Mentoring, 2007 to present
I have been mentoring kids since retirement. The local paper wrote an article about the ministry in 2009 which can be seen here (pictures here). One of the kids I have worked with has graduated from community college with an auto tech certificate. Another has graduated from high school and is currently working, with plans to attend college or join the army. The other seven or so kids are in various stages of their education.


Programmer Cash Register Services, Lubbock, Texas, 2002 to 2007

Programming using Visual C++ for Windows 2000 and Windows CE, as well as C for Hypercom terminals.


Substitute Teacher   Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD, Carrollton, Texas, 2001 to 2002

Have taught Elementary, Middle School and High School, and a variety of subjects, including math, history, science and music.


Senior Product Engineer              Signature Technologies, Dallas, Texas, 2000 to 2001

¨       Worked on team to convert a signature-based process control product from DOS to Windows. Designed a library with Visual C++ using MFC ODBC to port ASCII files to Access. Other modules access data through calls to the library. Also involved some work with LabWindows/CVI 5.5.

¨       Wrote a report module based on the library that generates HTML files that include an index page linking to several subpages showing various tables, making the information accessible by a browser.


Senior Engineer                                          Command Data, Grand Prairie, Texas, 1996 to 2000

¨       Improved the hardware design of the company’s scale readout unit and the C language firmware and hardware design of the 68HC11 microcontroller-based moisture probe unit.

¨       Significantly increased Signaling Division product reliability and marketability. Corrected errors in much of the original assembly code for an 8051-based Atmel microcontroller used in the company’s concrete truck tracking system.

¨       Wrote interfaces for various communications equipment such as commercial radio links using MSK and DTMF,  as well as CDPD modem transmission systems.  Interfaced tracking system with GPS module to form an automatic statusing system based on GPS coordinates.

¨       Instrumental in designing hardware for updated tracking system using an 8051-based Philips microcontroller and a PIC subsystem. Worked with the Metalink emulator and the Franklin C compiler to write test routines for the new system.


Senior System Engineer                             Computer Data Systems, Dallas, Texas, 1994 to 1996

¨       Worked with IRS programmers as a contract consultant on Passive Activities and Depreciation modules of the TIES system, fixing bugs and executing changes requested by client. Member of 5-person team working extensively with C programming language in a UNIX environment.

¨       Developed multilevel sorting algorithm capable of sorting large numbers of cases and applied it to the new code. Overcame several challenges including the lack of historical information or written documentation.



Hardware/Firmware/Software Designer  Industrial Communications,  Odessa, Texas, 1985 to 1994

¨       Designed hardware and C software for alarm, report and control system to replace one experiencing vendor non-support. It is alarm-activated and DTMF radio linked with a custom database, and displays location, name and nature of problem.  Currently used by several major oil companies.

¨       Designed firmware and hardware for system to limit access to oil field disposal wells. The first version used a Z-World controller and a magnetic card reader for identification. Later changed to use Dallas Semiconductor iButtons as the authorizing elements and a PC/104 as the computing element.

¨       Designed hardware and software for a pressure analysis system consisting of a series of C language programs. System obtains data related to a pressure transducer through an A/D converter and processes information for use in pressure testing in the oil field.

¨       Designed telephony call forwarding software system equipment and interface. Designed database using ISAM routines supplied by C compiler vendor.


Owner J. R. Systems, Odessa, Texas, 1978 to 1985

¨       Supervised and managed all aspects of the business operation. Designed the products and devised manufacturing processes. Supervised three to five assemblers depending on need.

¨       Designed MC6802-based oil well pump-off monitoring and control system. Conceptualized and designed all analog and digital circuits, including instrumentation amplifiers, A/D and D/A interfaces, timing, display and output circuits. Wrote the assembly code firmware, designed the printed circuit and packaging, set up and managed manufacturing of the systems, and wrote instructions to operate the system.

¨       Designed several other systems, including other types of pump-off control systems, RPM counter circuits and precision timer circuits.


Supervisor                                 Texas Department of Human Services, Odessa, Texas, 1971 to 1978

¨       Determined eligibility of applicants for financial assistance. Hired, trained, evaluated, determined pay structure, merit raises and provided disciplinary measures when required for up to 22 employees.


Web Sites Owned, Written And Maintained


Control And Embedded Systems Tutorial




B. S. in Computer Science - University of Texas of the Permian Basin 1992

B. A. in Sociology with minor in Psychology - Texas Tech University 1970